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Medway and Bradford Foodbank Donation


The Bradford City Supporters Trust are asking Gillingham supporters if they would like to donate to their food bank appeal? The appeal will take place at the Northern Commercials Stadium prior to Gillingham's visit on Monday 22nd April 2019.

The Bradford City Supporters Trust have agreed to work with Bradford Metropolitan Foodbank and Bradford Central Foodbank, who are helping thousands of people who through benefit delays, debt, death and illness have found themselves in a poverty and food crisis.

Graham Walker, Bradford Metropolitan Foodbank said:

“As a small entirely volunteer run charity we receive no formal funding and need the support of the public to help us gather enough food or funds for the 1300 food bags a month we now give out. The food bags are only distributed by professionals who tell us of the hardships families across Bradford are facing, so any donation fans could make would be very much appreciated."

The GISC have, on behalf of the football family, made a £30 donation to the campaign. We have also made a £30 donation to the Medway Foodbank to provide support to people closer to home.

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