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Meeting with GFC

Five of your committee were pleased to be able to chat with two of the managers at Gillingham FC last night.

We were asked for our views on the match day experience at Priestfield and on ideas for improvements to benefit both the club and supporters.

Whilst not wishing to go into lengthy details, we spent over 2 hours in what was a very fruitful discussion.

I do think that most of last season’s match day problems were discussed, and whilst some may not be immediately solvable, the club are making efforts to get things right!

It was really good to be involved in this way and similar discussions will be held in the future. Thanks to Gillingham FC for the invite and for hosting us.

The meeting was held in the players lounge, it was interesting to see their breakfast bar full of nutritional goodies for the first meal of the day, and also to hear of lunch provision cooked at Priestfield again of the correct nutritional balance. If you have any questions you would like us to ask Gillingham FC in the future, please email us using

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