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Remembering Old Friends

On the way to Wycombe a group of GISC members, who travel to away games on a regular basis, took some time out of the journey to remember our friends who are, sadly, now watching the Gills from the terrace in the sky.

A lot of people lost love ones, family and great friends during the Covid pandemic. Two regular faces at Gillingham, Pam Tyler and Brian Durden, will always be missed and remembered by the fans who travel on the GISC away coach to games.

Both Pam and Brian were ever presents, and the fans travelling to Wycombe last Saturday took some time out to remember them both.

A scarf was placed on the seat where Brian used to sit, while photos of Pam and Brian were placed in their usual seats, which were left empty for the journey. The fans on the coach reflected on the good times, including Brian always telling everyone the wrong scores from his portable radio!

Our thanks go to Simon and Keith who took the time to organise the tribute.

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