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Quiz Night - 12th August 2024 - 8pm

The popular Gillingham FC Supporters' Club quiz night will return on Monday 12th August 2024, from 8pm at the Brasenose Club, Gillingham.

Thanks to everyone who attended the June quiz. We hope you all had an enjoyable evening. The final scores were:-

  • The Bucket HatBrigade - 64 Points

  • Mike's Misfits - 63 Points

  • Guns N Neurosis - 62 Points

  • Quizzy Rascals - 61 Points

  • The New Formation + 1 - 55 Points

  • The Brasenose Old Boys and Girls - 39 Points

August Quiz - 12th August 2024

Due to holidays, we unfortnatley have no quiz in July. We will return in August with a sligly changed date, again due to holidays. We will be back to the usual third Monday of the month from September, when our members draw will also return.

Members and non-members are welcome to attend and compete for the Jack Ackrill Memorial Trophy.

Our quiz night lasts for approximately 2 hours and the rounds include:

  • Current affairs

  • General Knowledge

  • Specialist Round

  • Trivia Round

  • Picture Quiz

  • Music Round

  • Connections and Wipeout - Answer as many questions as you can but get one wrong and you score zero for the round!​

The cost is £2 per player and up to 6 payers per team are allowed. Prizes are awarded to the first and final placed teams, with a hot finger buffet also included in the entry fee.

The Brasenose Club is located at 168-170 Nelson Road, Gillingham. For those players using a sat nav to find the venue the post code is ME7 4LU.

We look forward to seeing as many of you in attendance as possible. If you have any questions please email us on

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