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Shrimpers Fans Walk: £3,650 Raised

When Southend United visited Priestfield on Saturday 5th October 2019, a group of fans walked the 32 miles from Roots Hall to the Priestfield Stadium. The walk, which was part of the Southend United Supporters Society (Shrimpers Trust) charity fund raising, raised £3,650 for the Little Havens Children's Hospice.

Gillingham fan, and GISC member, Derek Gallagher walked part of the way with the group to Priestfield. He even brought breakfast for the walkers who needed it. Thank you Derek for supporting a great cause.

Paul Fitzgerald, from the Shrimpers Trust, has now provided us with an update of the journey saying: "The walk must be declared a huge success. A special mention to the team who I was privileged to walk with - Deborah Davidson, Rhys Ellingham, Tom Flynn, Sarah Franklin, Lesley Hicks, Sean Lopeman, Callum Reavell, Callum Turp(13) , Bryan Woodford, and supported magnificently by Paul Yeomanson (as usual!)".

The walk went fairly well, with only a few incidents, which as per Vegas rules we will be keeping quiet! However, I cannot ignore the fantastic support we received, not only by Southend United fans (which on its own was great) but also the following, who we are very grateful to: -

Gillingham Football Club, who, to a person, could not have been more helpful and welcoming when we arrived.

Steve Evans, the manager, not a man well loved by many, took the trouble to welcome us personally and also referred to the walk again in his match report - even pledging £250 from his family.

Paul Scally the Gillingham Chairman and CEO Tom Laurence for their hospitality and welcome.

Orsett Fire Station staff (especially Scott & Gavin) for allowing us to use their “facilities” in the middle of the night and providing welcome refreshments and care.

Gravesend Council for opening Borough Market early for the same reason as above!

Derek Gallagher Gillingham Fan for meeting us at Gravesend and walking with us to the Stadium and buying breakfast for those that needed it.

The walk was to raise funds for Little Havens Children's Hospice

A special thanks also to our sponsors for the Walk, MSPFX, Outstanding Branding, Just Sport, Ecom, T-Scape, SBC Leisure, Seetec and, of course, Southend United (Football Club who did everything possible to support the campaign) and to the SUFC Academy, for the use of their minibus.

Finally, of course, thank you very much to anyone who donated, via our JustGiving page, by sponsoring a walker, or by any other means, including adding to our various bucket collections.

Donations are still being received and so, anyone wishing to donate to this worthwhile cause can visit the “Journey to the Gills” JustGiving page at

My experience of this walk has left me uplifted by the generosity of others and the abiding memory of my fellow walkers making this effort, with great enthusiasm and a fair amount of fun to boot!"

Thank you to all the GISC members, Gillingham fans and Gillingham Football Club for sponsoring and supporting the walk to Priestfield.

Further details regarding the walk can be viewed here.

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