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Signed Shirt Winners - Inspirational Supporters

We were delighted to present a signed shirt to Nigel Gray and Trevor Mills prior to Tuesday evenings game against Swindon Town.

In December, we asked Gills supporters to nominate a fan who had a difficult year and battled against the odds. We received lots of very worthy nominations, but Nigel Gray and Trevor Mills were both presented with signed, match worn Gills shirts for being inspirational supporters.

Nigel Gray

Nigel is battling with Motor Neurone Disease, but is always happy to chat and discuss football. His condition has become worse in recent years and he is now in a wheelchair.

He used to be a regular at the back of Block 4 in the Rainham End, but now sits in the first row and gets to the games with the help of his friends. Despite his deteriorating condition, he attends every game, including away games. He also ground hops around non-league and attends Ebbsfleet United when able to.

Keep fighting Nigel, we are all behind you and here to support you. Further information on MND can be viewed at

We were delighted to present Nigel with a signed match worn Jayden Clarke shirt.

Trevor Mills

Over the last year Trevor has had to overcome several obstacles, which he has battled through. He has endured the loss of his father and also had prostrate issues after having an operation. His biggest battle was with the big C, which he received intense treatment for.

Despite the above, he continued to look after himself, as well as his 87-year-old Mum, who has Parkinson's Disease.

His Cousin, Graham, told us: "He has coped absolutely brilliantly. He is one of the nicest and kind hearted people you could ever meet. He is my hero and worthy of a nomination".

Trevor, along with Graham, sit in the Rainham End. It was our pleasure to present Trevor with a signed match worn David Tutonda shirt.

Other Nominations

We have kept all of the other nominations as everyone was a worthy winner. It's eye opening to see what some people have been through, yet still make it to Priestfield each week.

Should we receive any other signed shirts we will be in touch. Thanks to everyone who took the time to nominate.

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