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Sky Sports New EFL Deal

As you may have seen, EFL clubs have unanimously approved a record domestic rights deal with Sky Sports over a five-year period with over 1000 matches to be broadcast each season.

iFollow will no longer stream any games domestically, to the UK, but they will still operate showing fans to outside of the UK only.

Running from season 2024/25 to 2028/29, the arrangement will be made up of guaranteed payments of £895m and £40m in marketing benefits.

The deal will include 248 Sky Bet League Two matches, at least 5 shown each week. All opening, final day, and midweek fixtures in the Sky Bet EFL will be shown live, as will all games played on Bank Holidays including Easter, Boxing Day and New Year's Day alongside the matches played in Sky Bet League One and League Two during international breaks.

The bad news for supporters is that the blackout period for 3pm kick offs being shown live in the UK remains! This means all games on the opening day will be moved, with maybe a kick off time every other week also being changed!

Further details can be viewed on the Sky Sports website.

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