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Sponsorship: Walk for Pops and the Wisdom Hospice

Gillingham supporter Graham Menditta, and his nephew, will be running from the Den (Millwall FC) to Priestfield Stadium (Gillingham FC) on Saturday 17th February 2024. The run is in aid of the Wisdom Hospice who cared for Graham's father before he sadly passed away with COPD.

"Pops" who the run will be In memory of. RIP.

Talking to the Gillingham FC Supporters' Club Graham explained: "My father's dying wish was for him to pass at home. We tried our best to make sure this happened, but due to the issues we had with getting help with his end-of-life care support this became impossible. My mother, sister and myself sadly couldn't do it by ourselves anymore.

"The machine that should be giving the medication to keep my father pain free, and at peace in his final hours, continuously failed us, leaving Pops in pain." He continued: "We were offered help by the wisdom hospice, who gave my father the calm and peace he needed in his final hours. We can't thank them enough, not just for the dignity they gave him, but it gave us the chance to be with him not having to panic he would wake up and ask for things we were sadly not allowed to give him." Graham wanted to do something that meant something to his family. His father was born close to the old Den and watch Millwall as a youngster. He moved to Gillingham in the early 80's and went to Priestfield to watch the Gills.

By running from Millwall to Gillingham they will be recreating the steps "Pops" took when he made the move to Medway. Sunday 17th February, when the event is taking place, would have been Pops' birthday.

We are all sure Pops will be looking down on you both that day and cheer you on all the way, very proud of you both.

If you would like to sponsor Graham, in aid of the Wisdom Hospice, the Just Giving page can be viewed here.

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