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FSA: When Can Fans Return?

The GISC has attended a national Football Supporters’ Association meeting, via Zoom, to discuss the stage five response to Covid-19. This is the stage at which supporters, in limited numbers, can once again begin to attend games.

The meeting was attended by all supporters clubs in the UK who are affiliated with the FSA.

It is hoped that once the government agrees to move to stage 5, fans will once again be allowed to attend games. Numbers will be limited with safeguarding procedures, such as social distancing and face masks to be worn when moving around the stands and concourses, having to be adhered to.

Indications are that policy will vary by club and stadium, as for example, some have larger concourses or overall footprint, plus households of up to 6 will probably be allowed to sit more closely together.

It remains to be seen how big the social distancing will be along and between each row. Ball park figures of 40% capacity are being discussed.

Other topics discussed included clubs not unfairly disadvantaging supporters who may have to stay away from stadiums longer due to shielding, if necessary, or other Covid-19 related issues. Clubs have also been advised not to focus on corporate revenue at expense of regular supporters.

Some clubs would allow supporters "shielding" to keep their season ticket seat reserved for the start of the 2021/2022 season if they cannot return to the stadium.

Further information can be viewed at:- - Government Safe Return of Supporters Document - Sports Grounds Safety Authority Guidance on Safe Return of Spectators

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