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GFC Meetings Review - What was discussed?

Over the previous few months, the GISC have had three meetings with Gillingham FC. As well as managers at the club, we have met with Co-Chairman Paul Fisher.

All meetings have been very positive and we look forward to continuing a very positive relationship with the club going forward.

Some of the items discussed included, but were not limited to:-

  • Administration - The club does not have a benefactor, like other clubs, capable of constantly putting money into the club. The club does not have a lot of money, but things are stable and there is no danger of going into administration.

  • Open Training Session - A open training session was scheduled, but this was cancelled due to Covid-19 within the squad. An alternative date is currently being arranged. At other times the training ground is closed and not open to visitors.

  • Gordon Road Stand toilets - The entrance and exit to the toilets for the Gordon Road Stand are back to front. These have now been reversed to allow for an easier flow of supporters into and out of the facilities.

  • Fans Forum - A full fans forum is being planned. Date to be confirmed soon.

  • Toilet Hand Dryers - Hand Dryers in several toilets do not work. These were pointed out to the club and are in the process of being repaired, if they have not been already.

  • Smoking / Vaping / Drinking in the stands - This should be challenged by a steward. If anyone wishes to report this just speak with your nearest steward who will deal with the situation.

  • People Sitting in Incorrect Seats - This is to be looked at with new strategies put in place. This is a problem, especially in block 4 of the Rainham End, where supporters think they can sit where they like.

  • Stewards - The coat colours of the stewards have been changed from yellow to red. This is to make them more visible to all supporters.

  • Stewards Stadium Knowledge - It was pointed out that some Stewards have no idea of block numbers, where people are sitting etc. All Stewards undertake an induction, which sees them work in all 4 stands prior to being allocated a position. Included in this is a full induction to the ground and where blocks and seats are located in each stand.

  • Player Sponsorship - We suggested that sponsors may like to have more contact with the player(s) who they sponsor. Often the players shirt, which is part of the sponsorship package, is given away to other supporters on the final day of the season. This has now been changed so that the player sits with the sponsors at the Player of the Year event. Two signed shirts will also be presented to the sponsor, with other events also planned.

  • Season Ticket Photos - It was suggested that a photo be present on the digital season tickets. This is not possible using the current software.

  • Contactless Payments / Cash - The club is credit card / contactless payments only and this will not change. We suggested that a voucher to allow juniors, who have no credit card, the ability to purchase items at Priestfield. This is currently being investigated with a possible pre-paid card for Juniors put into place in the future.

  • Food in The Factory - It was suggested that bar snacks, such as crisps and chocolate bars, be available to purchase in The Factory. This is being looked into and may be available soon.

  • Food Price Lists - A lot of the catering outlets around Priestfield currently have no price lists on display, with the ones which are displayed being incorrect. New price lists have now been printed and should be in place for the Northampton home game.

  • Attracting Ethnic Monitories to Priestfield - It was discussed how to better attach ethnic monitories to Priestfield. Ideas were suggested, which are currently being looked into.

  • GFC Shares - Currently shares are not openly traded. The club do have a list of all existing shareholders.

  • Matchday Staff - The club continues to struggle with matchday staff following Covid. Staff simply do not show on a matchday, leaving areas of the ground short staffed.

  • Catering - The Catering Outlet on the Gordon Road side of the ground has been refurbished and will be open for the Barrow home game. All the equipment in the kitchen needed to be replaced, following Covid. Plans are also in place for the catering outlets in the Rainham End. The catering facilities were left over Covid, with the majority of them having to be replaced and fitted at great expense.

  • Club Shop - It was agreed that a physical club shop is needed, but a suitable location has to be found. It will cost a lot to change the old venue back to a shop, which has been given to the school, so an alternative venue will have to be located.

  • Disabled Supporters - It was discussed that the view for disabled supporters is not the best, with only front row seats available and people walking past them throughout the match. Placing the disabled fans in an elevated area was mentioned and this is going to be looked into in more detail.

We look forward to future meetings with Gillingham FC. We are happy to ask GFC any reasonable questions on members behalf at future meetings.

We would also like to thank everyone at the club involved in making the meetings happen. It is very much appreciated.

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