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Chairman's Update

Your committee felt that we should update members on our activities (or lack of them) in these strange times. Let me first say though, that we do hope that none of you have been affected too badly by this horrible pandemic. As we now enter the second lockdown it looks probable that we may not be able to watch our team in person at Priestfield this season.

Normally at this time of year we would have held the GISC AGM. Although we have followed the usual procedures in terms of audit etc it has not been practicable in the current circumstances to hold the AGM. We have decided to defer this until some degree of normality returns, which it looks like may not be for 12 months! GISC members will receive, via email, the statements of account that would normally be issued to members. You will see from these that we made a modest surplus on the year of £82. The main expenditure was on away travel and the sponsorship of Jack Bonham. The Xmas draw contributed to the surplus by £383 and the Sikh Temple car park by £1052.

It should be noted that so far this season we have not been contacted by GFC about continuation of player sponsorship. To date we have not been able to meet socially for Quizzes, and obviously there is no attendance at football. Bearing in mind the enforced inactivity we are faced with, your committee have decided that anyone in membership at the end of this year, will benefit from an extra year of membership without additional payment regardless of membership package bought. We will not be issuing modified membership cards, but rest assured your membership will have been updated.

We have decided it is not practical to hold our Xmas draw this year feeling that with the current restrictions in place, the number of tickets we would be able to sell would be limited, and also any sponsored prizes were likely to be minimal due to the current financial position many businesses find themselves in.

I expect you are all suffering from the lack of the normal football ‘fix’ that we all enjoy and look forward to so much. iFollow does help, unfortunately though shouting at a TV is not the same! Let us hope that our young team is able to gel soon and that we can watch an interesting season. It would be great if we were able to get a limited return of fans to the ground before the seasons end.

If you are a member and do not receive an email with the accounts, please email Information regarding our 12 month membership extension can be viewed here.

Neil Klee - GISC Chairman

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